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YouTube Content with VideoXD

Learn to edit footage or gameplay and upload engaging content.

Not just an entertainment platform. YouTube gives students the means to upload and share their own self-made content, which can be viewed on virtually any device. We teach students the entire process from start to end, how designing an experience through recording content or gameplay, creating graphics and animations, and editing video clips is easier than ever.

Cutting to the chase. Students are instructed in core concepts of editing, such as storytelling and pacing. Any editor needs to know what intrigues an audience, frightens them, excites them. We show students how this can be accomplished with simple clicks of a button.

A whole suite of softwares. At students’ disposal. Premiere Pro, the top-class editing software. After Effects, designed specifically for visual effects and compositing. Photoshop, for image manipulation and graphic creation. These softwares, and more, are used to give students a look into the tools of professionals in this industry, and possibly even start them off on their own future careers as editors or YouTubers.

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Professional editing skills.

Learning Premiere Pro is just the beginning. We challenge our students to use this powerful software to create moments and emotions, with true intention behind their cuts.

Your own YouTube channel.

You upload the videos you make to a new or existing channel, entirely your own. We explore what it means to make engaging content, and eventually create profitable channels through that engagement.