ShopXD – Treasure – Chest – Session 5

Build a Treasure ChestRunning Mondays     |      Make Wallets and PursesRunning Tuesdays

Build a Treasure Chest with ShopXD

Use woodworking to make a treasure chest prop.

Hands-on skills in the shop. Whether it’s a loot chest, pirate’s treasure, or a toy box, students do the building, and implement their own designs into the course.

A range of woodworking tools to use. Students work with tools such as the bandsaw, drill press, tablesaw, and more as they construct their own treasure chest.

Fill your chest with your own loot. Students get to take their treasure chests home and utilize it however they want.

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Essential knowledge on tools.

Learn about every tool in the shop, so you can pick your favorites for personal projects.

Safety in the shop.

Glasses, dust masks, hearing protections – students take with them a fundamental knowledge of how to interact with tools and others in the shop for future workplaces.

A customized treasure chest.

Not only do you take your treasure chest home, but you walk away knowing how to make more in the future.