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Simple Crafts with ShopXD

Design and make your own simple products from wood and metal as you learn to use fundamental tools.

Let’s make this simple. Experience the design methods for crafting simply plain yet elegant items. Cutting boards, planters, small benches. Made from real materials – wood and metal. Hand-crafted by you.

A particular set of skills. Use essential tools – a bandsaw, a table saw, a joiner. Students learn how to handle these and more the proper way in the shop. Safety is paramount to our instructors – we educate students in the importance and methods of safety and protection as they make their crafts.

For home or to sell? Your choice. Students take their crafts home with them when the course is over. The goods they make can easily be sold when finished – it’s up for them to decide whether they want to.

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Safety in the shop.

Glasses, dust masks, hearing protections – students take with them a fundamental knowledge of how to interact with tools and others in the shop for future workplaces.

Essential knowledge on tools.

Learn about every tool in the shop, so you can pick your favorites for personal projects.

The simplest design process for craft-making.

Our instructor takes you through the most efficient design process for creating sellable goods.

Products you can use at home.

Items like a cutting board, planter, or small stool have inherent uses around the house. Make them with us.