Build a Treasure Chest – Running Mondays      |      Make Wallets and Purses Running Tuesdays     |      Exploration in the Makerspace Running Tuesdays in Rocklin


Get hands-on experience in metal and woodworking.  Simple crafting for a new generation.

A full woodshop and metal shop to complete projects. Robotic tools such as a ShopBot and laser cutter, plus an array of hand tools. Gain essential knowledge on each tool in the shop while learning about safety practices. Discover design methods to increase the quality of your projects, and boost your efficiency in the making process.

Learn about tools and safety.

Weld and cut metal.

Cut, glue, and join woods.

Create hand-made goods.


Running on Mondays in Sacramento.

Build a Treasure Chest with ShopXD

Make your own chest with woodworking skills.

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Running on Tuesdays in Sacramento.

Make Wallets and Purses with ShopXD

Hand-make personalized accessories with shop tools.

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Running on Tuesdays in Rocklin.

Exploration in the Makerspace with ShopXD

Learn and use tools such as laser cutters, 3D printers, woodshop tools and more.

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General Information


9am – 2pm
Inside Hacker Lab at 2533 R Street, Sacramento
Inside Hacker Lab at 4415 Granite Dr, Rocklin, CA 95677
Dates vary by focus, as focuses are offered on different days.

Students may be dropped off as early as 8:30am, and picked up as late as 2:30pm.


The minimum age for students who would like to enroll is 9.

For basic safety, please wear closed-toed shoes and pants. If you have long hair, please make sure you bring something to tie it up.

As with all of our courses, no previous skills are required. We value student education for everyone, and want to include as many students who wish to join as possible in these learning experiences.

Though it is not required, we strongly encourage students to bring their own lunch. A refrigerator and microwave is available.