ShopXD – Exploration – Rocklin – Session 5

Build a Treasure Chest – Running Mondays      |      Make Wallets and Purses Running Tuesdays     |      Exploration in the Makerspace Running Tuesdays in Rocklin

Exploration in the Makerspace with ShopXD

Learn how to use the tools in the makerspace.

Valuable skills for the future. From laser cutters to 3D printers and woodshop tools to design and coding skills, students will explore the basics of making in this course. This is where students gain access to amazing new tools and knowledge and complete projects that involve problem solving and creativity.

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Hands-on making and tech knowledge

The mixture of learning to make with tools and design and code for those objects and ideas is a fulfilling experience that not only leads to many opportunities in tomorrows job market, but also makes for a happy human.

Safety in the shop.

Glasses, dust masks, hearing protections – students take with them a fundamental knowledge of how to interact with tools and others in the shop for future workplaces.