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Cement Chess Sets with ShopXD

Learn how to design, mold, and cast an entire chess set to enjoy at home.

The classic game you know. Classically remade. Create a full outdoor chess set out of cement. Students learn molding and casting techniques in the shop to make the pieces. Then, when the course is over, take your set home to play with.

Custom-made by design. Make the pieces in your image. Sculpt or 3D print designs before making a mold to ensure it’s what you want. Using real materials to visualize an idea or design is an incredible and fulfilling moment. We want to give all students the opportunity to experience that.

Our instructor takes you through the entire process. Work in the shop to visualize, sketch out, sculpt, and digitally design your chess pieces. Our instructor works with students the whole way, from the design component, to the molding and casting of their pieces.

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A jumbo concrete chess set for home-use.

The set, designed by you, is yours to take home. Play chess in a whole new way.

Molding and casting skills.

People in all sorts of industries thrive on the skill set of molding and casting, both as a way to create physical props, and to duplicate those props as many times as seen fit. Students walk away with this important ability.

Learn tools of the trade.

The chess pieces students make all require original models to be made for casting. Students learn how to use tools in the shop to craft these models – tools which are used heavily in several industries.