Draw a Comic BookRunning Tuesdays


Photo manipulation, pixel art, and animation are vital skills for the modern age. Learn them with us.

Artists all over the world use the medium of images to bring their creations to life. It’s time that students are offered the same. Photoshop, Lightroom, Piskel, Illustrator – these are the tools utilized by industry professionals that students use here. This is their opportunity to learn and explore art in a creative space.

Compose graphics and memes.

Edit photos for color and balance.

Animate 2D scenes.

Paint art for games.


Running on Tuesdays in Sacramento.

Draw a Comic Book with PhotoXD

Design your own story and art for a digital comic.

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General Information


9am – 2pm
Inside Hacker Lab at 2533 R Street, Sacramento
Dates vary by focus, as focuses are offered on different days.

Students may be dropped off as early as 8:30am, and picked up as late as 2:30pm.


The minimum age for students who would like to enroll is 9.

Headphones, a USB flash drive, and a personal email account are suggested for students to bring, if they have any of them. If they do not have any of the items listed, we also provide them in class.

As with all of our courses, no previous skills are required. We value student education for everyone, and want to include as many students who wish to join as possible in these learning experiences.

Though it is not required, we strongly encourage students to bring their own lunch. A refrigerator and microwave is available.