PhotoXD – Draw – Comics – Session 5

Draw a Comic BookRunning Tuesdays

Draw a Comic Bookwith ShopXD

Design your own story and art for a digital comic..

A much-needed update to the classic comic. Comic books are a key part of pop culture, and we’re updating how to tell stories with the art form. A swap to video, some added animations, and special effects will attract a whole new audience to these stories.

A professional-level workflow. Students learn to draw and manipulate graphics in Photoshop, as well as edit their images, add sound effects, and more in Premiere Pro.

Learn higher-quality storytelling. Students are guided in story arcs, characters, and conflict to create a more refined plot.

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Software skills for the future.

The programs students learn are professional-grade, and can easily be utilized later in life in the workplace. Animators, illustrators, content creators – all professionals, and all use this software.

Your own YouTube channel.

You upload the videos you make to a new or existing channel, entirely your own. We explore what it means to make engaging content, and eventually create profitable channels through that engagement.