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Unreal Engine  with GameXD

We made the game-creation process simple, so you can focus more on the look and design of your games.

Codeless game making. Unreal Engine has given students everywhere a more accessible way to design and create their own games through blueprint scripting. Zero lines of code. All the concepts.

Fun and games. Create art graphics. Design creatures and worlds. Make gameplay mechanics. Students have total creative control over their own games, allowing them to do what they do best: make something fun for themselves.

Personal project files. At the end of the course, students take their projects with them. Which means their game can be shared with friends, family members, or just about anyone they want.

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Take home your project files.

We believe that game making is a vital skill in today’s world. Finished games are massive undertakings, and would put impossible deadlines on students to get their projects done. Instead, students can put the games on their own computers and continue work at home, which are playable through the whole process. What they truly take away is a fundamental understanding of how to make games, and the design and methods that go into them.

Create your own art for your own games.

Students learn the full process of art creation for games. Find out how simple it can be to learn to make and use 3D models, animations, and textures in your own playable experiences, and take those skills to use in your own projects.

Learn the basic concepts behind coding in games.

When we say hassle-free coding, we mean it. With our streamlined process, students leave with coding abilities, such as how to store variables, call events, and write functions, all of which are made simple in this course.