3DXD – Create – Worlds – Session 5

Create Worlds and CharactersRunning Mondays     |      Model a Medieval Weapons PackRunning Thursdays

Create Worlds and Characters with 3DXD

Learn to 3D model and animate props and characters to make a world of your design.

3D models – a vital part of our world. 3D models are the things of fantasy and imagination in films, games, and other experiences in pop culture you see today. These art assets, along with the tools that create, animate, and render them, are part of a growing billion-dollar industry known as visual effects and digital art.

Essential skills for the modern age. Animation. 3D modeling. Coloring art assets. Unlock your potential in these massively in-demand industries. Students learn the mathematics and vocabulary of the industry throughout the course as they scale, rotate, and translate their 3D objects through space with real units and degree measurements.

The world is your 3D model. Students design and create their own 3D worlds to run around and play in. A forest. A puzzle room. A mountain. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what they can make.

What’s a world with nothing in it? Students don’t just create worlds. They also make the characters and props that fill their world, straight from their heads. When finished, students take their 3D worlds with them to experience at home. Any character, prop, or landscape created. All available, right from their personal computer.

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Take home your worlds as Unreal Engine project files.

Students take their custom-designed worlds home with them as an experience. Walk around and explore on PC with a keyboard and mouse.

Learn to 3D model and animate with Maya.

Take basic shapes and create dynamic props and characters in Maya. Use the same tools that were used to create your favorite films or games, and become proficient in them.