3DXD – Model – Weapons – Session 5

Create Worlds and CharactersRunning Mondays     |      Model a Medieval Weapons PackRunning Thursdays

Model a Medieval Weapons Pack with 3DXD

Learn how to create 3D models, and make your own pack of 3D swords, shields, and more.

3D artists are in demand now more than ever. 3D modelers can work independently or on a team to provide packs of 3D models to game developers and filmmakers.

Learn simple modeling techniques. Create in-demand props such as swords and more with a 3D software called Autodesk Maya. Learning this workflow is a practical strategy to make your own content, or join games or film studios later on.

A vital organizational workflow. Students learn how to digitally package their models, gain knowledge on various file types, and discover how to create high-quality images of their work to show off.

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Learn to 3D model with Autodesk Maya.

Use the same tools that were used to create your favorite films or games, and become proficient in them.

Skills that are profitable and fulfilling.

Students are able to share their models on popular art sites, where quality 3D packs can be sold at high prices.